Feb 032018

430pm Friday Patient has small metallic FB in corneal epi. Check for 25g needles – none left! Went to friendly pharmacist who gave me a ‘needle exchange pack’. Contents: 25 g needle 2ml syringe Alcohol prep wipe Wee sharps box …and a wee sterile teespoon to stir your tea when you’re finished!

Jan 112018

There were some issues (I think 2 years ago?) where some IPs didn’t get the renewal form from the GOC. Hopefully you just got an email but if you didn’t you can complete the short online form here – https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/Renewing_your_registration/independent-prescribing-specialty-renewal.cfm Takes 2 minutes which is nice. (obviously you still have to complete the regular form […]


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Dec 182017

I tend to Rx a lot of oral NISAIDS for episceltritis usually naproxen or flurbiprofen,a college has suggested celebrex as has less GI upset as an alternative any thoughts ? ,and should we be given a PPI routinely with these drugs?        

Dec 162017

My colleague has been dealing with have a chap who works in a decompression chamber for a month at a time. His normal rx is  R-2.00L-1.75 Once in the chamber for 28 days – his rx becomes 2 dioptres more minus. R-4.50 L-4.25 He has , as such 2 pairs of specs – one for […]