Independent prescribing rights for optometrists in the UK is a fairly recent innovation.  It gives optometrists unrestricted access to therapeutic medications within their scope of practice.  Only a small minority of UK optometrists have achieved the appropriate qualifications that allow them to register as IP optometrists with the General Optical Council, as such they are geographically dispersed across the entire UK.  The idea of this blog is to allow a common platform for discussion of clinical cases and other areas of interest between like minded and suitably qualified optometrists.

In order to promote independent prescribing amongst optometrists, this blog will also be open to practitioners who hold either the Additional Supply qualification or are Supplementary prescribers and are registered with the GOC.  Consideration will also be given to over seas optometrists who also have access to therapeutic medications (eg practitioners from the USA, Australia and New Zealand).

Only registered users are able access content of this blog, this is in order to protect both patient and practitioner confidentiality .  Non-specialist optometrists can register as a read-only subscriber but only those on the GOC specialist register will be able to submit new posts and comments.

To register you must submit your GOC number which will be used to verify your specialist registration.

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