IP/IP training optom vacancy hampshire

Hi Guys, I have a vacancy for an IP or IP wannabee for our group of 6 practices in Hampshire. We have many hospital schemes in place and I need someone to work with us. We in addition to normal optom stuff we are involved in ant seg, medical retina inc intra-vitreal injections, glaucoma etc … Continue reading "IP/IP training optom vacancy hampshire"

cqc registration

Hi Guys, I seem to remember in the distant past several of you were discussing possible cqc registration. It looks like we will have to do it if I’m to start doing my intra-vitreal injections in our practices. Any of you done this and have any info you can share on how to avoid any … Continue reading "cqc registration"

Yag – SLT – Trolleys

Hi Guys, I’ve been doing Lucentis inj and YAG Caps at a local hospital. Have you any experience doing Capulotomies or PIs in private practice? Has anyone been involved in buying a YAG laser slit lamp? On another note I’ve imported a number of stainless steel operating trolleys, so if anyone wants one I can … Continue reading "Yag – SLT – Trolleys"