Andrew Matheson

Sep 232017
Hi guys, Are any of you going to this weekends AOP therapeutic conference? I will be on Stand 4 with Pat Falvey of ARC optical, with his new meibographer. Pop by for a chinwag. It would be great to hear what you are all up to. A few of us who are staying over could [...]
Aug 102015
Hi Guys, I’ve been doing Lucentis inj and YAG Caps at a local hospital. Have you any experience doing Capulotomies or PIs in private practice? Has anyone been involved in buying a YAG laser slit lamp? On another note I’ve imported a number of stainless steel operating trolleys, so if anyone wants one I can [...]
Jan 252014
Hi Folks, do any of you have the above text on your practice computer in digital form? If so where did you get it. I have looked at the kindle version. The problem is that the consulting room computer is not connected to the internet for security reasons and I think this would stop the [...]
Jun 132013
Has anyone had success with intra-vitreal injections yet? Lucentis may give us the way in for more sexy treatments such as ocriplasmin for VMT/mac hole. All very exciting now that NICE approval granted. Locally though no progress yet, though if a precident were set…., who knows. Exciting times.
Jun 022013
I have been involved in setting up a UK based dry eye forum recently. The idea is that our patients can all “post their stories” and learn from each others experiences. Also if we can get enough dry eye specialist optom to register they will be able to field questions to get answers to their [...]
Jun 012013
I wonder if you have had any expearience with the PEARS scheme? I have been asked to help with training and assessment of optoms entering this scheme. Any experience, helpful hints or materials would be appreciated. Thanks