Optoms in/near Dursley, Gloucestershire

Hi everyone Probably not the right forum to request this, but I have a Px who has a friend who lives in/near Dursley, Gloucs, who is looing for a good, no GREAT, Optom!  She’s elderly (80yrs+) and has a Hx of CVA.  Not being familiar with the area, I don’t know who to recommend.  Any … Continue reading "Optoms in/near Dursley, Gloucestershire"

Ivermectin for Demodex blepharitis

Just came across this view on youtube: https://youtu.be/sgav_kZ_Hi4 and the Ophthalmologist refers to using Ivermectin cream for treating Demodex blepharitis. Quick search on emedicines compendium shows that this is now available in UK, but its intended use is for the treatment of pustules due to rosacea? Anybody know anything about Ivermectin or know any Ophthalmologists … Continue reading "Ivermectin for Demodex blepharitis"

UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference

Hi Probably not the right forum to post this, but likely to get best coverage. Just to advise all DipGlauc holders, those working towards DipGlauc and anyone with a general interest in glaucoma, the UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference is being held in my home city of Leicester this year.  The current Chairperson is … Continue reading "UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference"

Allergic reaction to chloamphenicol

Quick question: Treated a guy at weekend for recurrent marginal keratitis, usual combination of g.dex and g.chlor x5/7. Px called the practice yesterday to say that he’s developed breathing problems since using the chloramphenicol. Has anyone else experienced this?  Never heard of anyone having breathing problems although it is listed as a possible side-effect. Thanks.

Herpes Simplex Keratitis in 8yr old boy

One of those days…CLPU, marginal keratitis, anterior uveitis and then… Saw an 8y/old boy mid-January whose mum reported a problem with his LE between Xmas & New Year 2014.  Seen by GPwSI (Ophthalmology) who diagnosed corneal abrasion and treated with usual stuff; only, neither mum nor child report any history of trauma – not poked … Continue reading "Herpes Simplex Keratitis in 8yr old boy"

Dealing with Non-Attenders

A 22 y/o white male soft contact-lens wearer presented on 8th November with a 7-10/7 history of a sore,red, watery RE.  Px admitted to having slept overnight in his contact lenses 7-10/7 prior to this visit (he actually has documented history of non-compliant behaviour).  He’d consulted an out-of-hours GP service 3 days before seeing me … Continue reading "Dealing with Non-Attenders"