Medical Side Effects

Has anyone come across a medication called Saizen, Somatropin, a human growth hormone? I have a young girl who’s had her dose increased substantially 2 weeks ago and has got limbal swelling and faint corneal infiltrates 1 week history of sensitivity to light.   I wondered if any hospital based Optoms have heard of these … Continue reading "Medical Side Effects"

Angular Blepharitis?

I have a patient who has a red, irritated outer canthus. The skin looks almost cracked on one side and on the other it has a slight mucous appearance. I have prescribed an antibiotic ointment, Polyfax which after 2 days is helping symptoms. But I’m wondering what other people may prescribe or other diff diagnoses … Continue reading "Angular Blepharitis?"

Vernal Conjunctivitis with a twist

A patient presented today: 49 year old female, 5 month history of itchy eyes. Has asthma, eczema and HBP Currently using Sodium Cromiglicate, 4X day and Ceterizine. But feels no improvement and is generally miserable. Slit lamp reveals marked papillae on both upper and lower lids, with corneal staining with fluorescein. One unusual finding is … Continue reading "Vernal Conjunctivitis with a twist"