Anterior Uveitis with Hypopyon

Does the presence of hypopyon in acute anterior uveitis change your management plan at all? All the literature I can find says that although certain types of uveitis px are more at risk of hypopyon, the hypopyon itself doesn’t present any more risk of short or long term effects. Px in question is HLA B27 … Continue reading "Anterior Uveitis with Hypopyon"

Trusopt Manufacturing Issue

Have a px under HES for glaucoma who has just been told by the pharmacy that there’s a supply issue with preservative-free Trusopt, and he’s about to run out. He’s currently on Saflutan and Preserve-free Trusopt as has had serious OSD issues in past with preservatives. There are no glaucoma bods in the eye clinic … Continue reading "Trusopt Manufacturing Issue"

Prescribing for colleague’s patients

I’m a newly qualified IP in a practice with 4 or 5 clinics running each day. If a colleague has a px who needs a prescription is it acceptable for me to examine the patient and add the management plan to colleague’s notes? Or should the px technically be ‘referred’ to me to make a set of notes … Continue reading "Prescribing for colleague’s patients"