David Cummins

Jan 292017
In our region, the NHS pharmacy team are getting a bit more militant about formulary compliance. The most relevant area of primary care prescribing for optoms is for ocular lubricants. We all supply or recommend (or even prescribe!) lubricants from time to time. The problem seems to occur when optoms supply the fancy bottle lubricants [...]
Dec 032016
https://www.reviewofoptometry.com/article/this-is-not-dry-eye 48 year old female patient. Moderate myope c. -6.00. Lapsed lens wearer (illness). Referred by a colleague to local HES for intractable, mostly unilateral (L) dry eye symptoms. HES diagnosed OSD and recommended lid care and lube.   She attended 2 weeks ago for a review appt and the eyes looked absolutely fine apart [...]

What the….!

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Nov 302016
What the heck is going on here? What would you do? ___________________________________________ RFV – Routine eye exam with no symptoms Initial observation: Right eye slightly redder than left. Hx: 2010 Right successful cryobuckle procedure – RD prophylaxis in high myope with progressive retinoschisis (that’s what VitRet said). 2011 Right buckle removed after extruding out through [...]
Nov 132016
  Thought I would share this interesting case. 75 year old male with a 2 year history of worsening dry eye symptoms right eye. Nothing seemed be providing relief from the symptoms. Constant eye irritation was making patient unhappy as he was unable to read or do hobbies involving electrical projects. Slit lamp exam revealed: [...]
Nov 132016
The following Px was seen by my non-IP colleague initially and Px returned next day for a second opinion. 60 year old female Px Symptoms: 2 day Hx red right eye. Slight FB sensation on blinking but no pain. No blurring, photophobia or discharge. POH: Occasional SCL usage. Wore day before symptoms started. PMH: Hypothyroidism [...]
Jun 062016
Apparently 5ml Predforte is unavailable. 10ml is still available but this expected to be depleted soon. Might be advisable to call pharmacist in advance to check as I did this morning – someone at IP Conference yesterday told me about this. Is there a generic version available or are we stuck with Maxidex for the [...]