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Nov 232017
I have a lovely lady who has glaucoma and is young for this diagnosis (born 1979) She fasts for religious observance When she fasts she feels unable to take her latanoprost eye drops. Since fasting this year (end of may to end of june) she “got out of the habit” of putting her drops in [...]
Sep 262017
So I think my first case of a fungal keratitis.# 50 year old lady, CL wearer, red painful right eye. Lots of pain. Few odd “microdendrites”  to the cornea. Not much else to see other than the eye a bit red. Pain out of all proportion to signs.Was worried so sent to local HES. Feedback [...]
Jul 182017
I dont think this is a clinical post, but it starts with a clinical story….   Pseudophakic chap, 50 yrs old with diagnosed OHT transferred to community care on Betoptic. Pre treatment IOPs 29mmHg discharged to community with steady IOPs at 16mmHg. On community review IOPs are 23mmHg VA 6/6 discs 0.2 and fields full [...]
May 312017
58 year old lady. Just back from travels in Hong Kong. Whilst there, two weeks ago, diagnosed with right side facial shingles and given five days of oral aciclovir. Given topic “virupos” five times a day to right eye and was still taking this. VA 6/6 in each eye and pupils normal. R IOP 28mmHg [...]
Nov 292016
Just a quick one….44yr old post lasik patient with chronic dry eye; “so dry wakes patient several times in the night and struggles to open eyes during the day” no improvement with plugs ; no improvement with “every lubricant under the sun” put her on ikervis once at night to both eyes now symptom free; [...]
Jul 182016
Some advice please If an elderly female patient get a granulomatous uveitis which you treat successfully, and then very soon afterwards she gets a HSK (epithelial involvement only) which you treat successfully; does that imply that the first uvetitis was herpetic; or was it just bad luck? To give a slightly fuller clinical picture the [...]
Jun 302016
What went wrong here; Px 70 female with epiphora for 6/12 left eye. Referred to me by local optom for “sryinging”. Examined – obvious epiphora and normal lid position.  Added anaesthesia (lidocaine + fluoro), opened inferior puncti and inserted lacrimal sryinge. Pushed plunger – saline seems to be going in nicely but patient says cant [...]
May 112016
Just asking if anyone has any pearls for the following case; local GP comes to see me – acute arthropathy and glove and sock rash – assumed parvoviral arthropathy. Bilateral red ache to both eyes – moderate uveitis bilaterally – all looks anterior – no intermediate uveitis signs. No synechae – IOP OK. Popped him [...]