Deacon Harle

Feb 252016
Some advice please from our glaucoma specialist colleagues. I have had a couple of patients now who had iridotomies 5-10 years ago – both prophylactically but present with pro-dromal symptoms (ache, intermittant blur), IOPs a little high (circa 25mmHg) and angle very narrow / almost closed  – I do OCT scans to document. Discs and [...]
Dec 112014 is interesting. I am trying to become a demodex beliver… The advocation is for 1% ivermectin cream to the lash base at night for one month after lid scrubbing but needs “specialist pharmacy compounding” – I have no idea how to get this – any thought? Better that the irritation caused by tea tree oil [...]
Dec 042014
I have a lovely young lady (about 25 years old) with recurrent AAU. (Her brother is also a patient of mine with AS and recurrent AAU and her father has AS but no AAU). She comes in once or twice a year and I give her the usual mydrilate and predforte on taper and all is [...]


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Sep 252014
Simbrinza – combination brinzolamide and brimonadine. Used twice a day Apparently to be given when you have a patients on a PGA but need better IOP  control and for that patient a Bblocker is contraindicated. preserved with BAK but the Alcon rep tells me this is at a low BAK concentration New out….
Jul 232014
30 year old lady  with five recurrent bouts of left eye HSK this year. Disillusioned with HES and wont return.  She is on long  term oral aciclovir. VA R 6/6  L 6/60 Currently has a left eye corneal ulceration with deep stromal involvement. Has been on topical aciclovir for three weeks without resolution – I [...]