HSK not responding to ganciclovir but does to oral aciclovir

Just asking for some help from those more pharmocologically minded than me. I have a lovely lady with her second bout of HSK. First one a year or two ago responded perfectly with a short course of gancilcovir eye ointment. Second bout a few weeks ago; no response with ganciclovir eye ointment at all. Not … Continue reading "HSK not responding to ganciclovir but does to oral aciclovir"

advice on narrow angle – post iridotomies

Some advice please from our glaucoma specialist colleagues. I have had a couple of patients now who had iridotomies 5-10 years ago – both prophylactically but present with pro-dromal symptoms (ache, intermittant blur), IOPs a little high (circa 25mmHg) and angle very narrow / almost closed  – I do OCT scans to document. Discs and … Continue reading "advice on narrow angle – post iridotomies"

demodex and 1% ivermectin cream

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgav_kZ_Hi4 is interesting. I am trying to become a demodex beliver… The advocation is for 1% ivermectin cream to the lash base at night for one month after lid scrubbing but needs “specialist pharmacy compounding” – I have no idea how to get this – any thought? Better that the irritation caused by tea tree oil … Continue reading "demodex and 1% ivermectin cream"


Simbrinza – combination brinzolamide and brimonadine. Used twice a day Apparently to be given when you have a patients on a PGA but need better IOP  control and for that patient a Bblocker is contraindicated. preserved with BAK but the Alcon rep tells me this is at a low BAK concentration New out….