Pyogenic Granuloma? Treatment? Referral to?

Evening, A friend has just sent me this pic of their son. 5 weeks onset, some discomfort and now taking some flak at school. GP was unable to help or advise. I am thinking pyogenic granuloma, and referral to paed. dermotologist. Thoughts? Would any of the guys from Kent treat or be able to recommend … Continue reading "Pyogenic Granuloma? Treatment? Referral to?"

Referral – around Kensington, London area

Any of you fine ladies or gentlemen work near/around Kensington? A colleague of mine from Canada has a patient coming to study here and she has a history of recurrent uveitis. He is looking for someone manage her whilst here, so would need to be comfortable managing.  Please let me know if you know someone. … Continue reading "Referral – around Kensington, London area"

What’s the point…just a rant.

So an area in which I work is introducing MECS and I thought I have IP, shouldn’t need to do anything, beyond some Safeguarding CE. WRONG!!! I have now got to complete a WOPEC OSCE, because my IP, DipGlauc, OD, WOPEC referral refinement isn’t enough. So, what’s the point? Pencil pushers. I apologise, just needed … Continue reading "What’s the point…just a rant."