Keyur Patel

Qualified from City on '99 and after 5 years of refractioncentric practice wanted more and moved to the US of A. Loved the way they practiced, but missed Blighty so came home. The aim now is to try and practice like the US Optoms, in the UK. Life has to be about more than just selling


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Sep 292017
Not sure if this is appropriate, but I thought if anyone would know, you guys would. Does anyone have any leads on A-scan measuring devices. Happy to consider second hand. Looking at it for Axial length measurements in kids….
Aug 242016
So an area in which I work is introducing MECS and I thought I have IP, shouldn’t need to do anything, beyond some Safeguarding CE. WRONG!!! I have now got to complete a WOPEC OSCE, because my IP, DipGlauc, OD, WOPEC referral refinement isn’t enough. So, what’s the point? Pencil pushers. I apologise, just needed [...]


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Feb 152016
On completing my IP/GOC retention there is now a prompt about a written log. How are people doing this? Are they? In private practice to too much of an issue, but glaucoma clinic with 25patients, it is a little annoying to have to make a log?  Just curious what you guys are doing, especially the [...]