adam holliday

Feb 042015
I know this isn’t a prescribing topic but …. I’m trying to get a service set up for monitoring stable glaucoma in the community but i’m a after a working definition for stable glaucoma… any offers ?   thanks
Dec 102013
Could do with a hand – 65 yr old female.  c/o watery eyes for the 6-8 months ; she had a period for a few weeks where the symptoms were reduced but now they returned.  She has bilateral follicular conjunctivitis, eyes fairly white, watery discharge only.  Husband has no eye problems.  No topical eye drops [...]
Sep 242013
Hi, does anyone know of any willing ophthalmologists who would mentor an IP student.  This particular student is having great problems in obtaining a placement locally and is now having to widen the search. thanks
Sep 112013
I’m probably being  muppet with this but would value some guidance. 19 yrs female student nurse.  soft cl wearer. ( not worn for the past 1/12 ) 5/12ago had a single episode of red eyes, treated by GP with CPL.   since then she c/o  intermittent watery eyes ; VA’s good, no discharge, slight redness. [...]