Ian Cameron

MD of large independent CL and IP specialist practice in Edinburgh. 2 of our optoms are IP qualified and we do a fair bit of prescribing and co management

Infected lid

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Jul 262016
Young chap with a tender swollen lid for a week or so. Eyeball and bulbar conj white & clear, no staining, quiet AC. Nothing significant on eversion either so tarsal conj clear. Lid is a bit tender to touch and definitely puffy. Good VA, pupils & motility etc so not preseptal cellulitis. What systemic antibiotic [...]


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May 162016
Chap with GPC. Did short course of FML then opatanol which improved things a lot but didn’t shift it. Tried short course of maxidex then back to opatanol still not shifting. What’s next? Maxidex for longer and higher dose? What kind of dose longer term?
Sep 222014
Does anyone know why Opatanol is recommended for a maximum treatment duration of 4 months? We’ve got plenty keratoconic patients who are on it permanently from the hospital so it obviously isn’t a definitive maximum. It’s also one of our most commonly prescribed drugs in practice so just want to be clear on the how [...]
Oct 082013
Teenager with moderate Kc came in with an appearance like mild hydrops (corneal oedema, sore watery red eye a few days ago, cloudy vision) but there was a reasonable amount of AC activity. I couldn’t find anything else to explain things but I’ve never seen hydrops cause an AC response. Anyone else? In the end [...]
Jul 152013
I woke up on Saturday with gummy red eyes. My wee lad has had conjunctivitis the 2 days prior so I assumed it was that. I grabbed with CPL drops out the fridge and piled them in once a hour to get on top of it. It got a bit better then worse. Discharge has [...]