Dr Ian Moss

Sep 072016
Interesting case today, px referred by GP with suspected HZV with facial pain and possible ocular involvement. Thankfully I asked for a medical report from the GP. I didnt know at the time but very complicated GH history but also treated in 2010 for posterior scleritis on reading the report. Px had completely forgotten but [...]


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Mar 012016
we had a ? pre-septal cellulitis in today, however VA down, pupil less reactive. Discomfort on eye movement.Not pain on eye movement.   Apart from px feeling sl flu like didn’t appear unwell. So thought was pre-septal cellulitis. In view of above signs however not sure about full cellulitis. We got her into A&E within [...]
Sep 082015
HZV Presented last week, skin vesicles and epscleritis, Put on Tablet Acyclovir for 1 week, Review today now dendritic epithelial lesion which wasn’t there before. Symptoms better less pain but still episcleritis. Asked for further course of Acyclovir, decided to be patient and sit tight on steroid use for obvious reasons, and px starting to [...]
May 142015
Treated this initially as a bacterial keratitis because of acute symptoms, week later , px symptoms better, however cornea know looks like filamentary keratitis, advised topical lubricants ongoing now but referred to corneal specialist for review.   What would other have done?
Apr 232015
Seen someone today with history of Herpes Zoster and recurrent vesicle on nose, eye never been infected before. Presented today with pink conj eye and pins and needles feeling. Exam: Episcleritis view but no corneal involvement. Considered options for episcleritis but suggested Gancyclovir for week (not Acyclovir since product recall) with topical lubricants and then [...]