steroids increasing IOPs

Hi All –  Just thought I’d pick your brains on when you deem it necessary to introduce Oc.Hypotensive tx if the pressures have gone up using steroids.  e.g.. prior to tx iops 13/14 and post tx 19/20  – does this require lowering?  I’m still grey in this area, but would appreciate anyones experiences. on the whole … Continue reading "steroids increasing IOPs"

Why does this happen?

Diab px mid 50s presented with painful right eye (better Today) for last 3/7- amb eye but still 6/12. Iop 20 (no change) and g1 ac cells.  hx of DED, no cls/trauma etc Just wanted some comments on diagnosis/tx/management and pathophysiology.   Here some pics.   Irfan