John Duffy

independent private optometric practice based in Nottinghamshire East MIdlands UK Partner in East Midlands Medical Services .(A partnership between specialist optometrists and ophthalmologists providing community COAG/OHT diagnosis and treatment services and community LVA services).

Training Grant

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Nov 282015
Our Local Eye Health Newtork has identified a significant amount of money from a training grant (£90K) and earmarked this for optometry training, the Chair of the Eye Health Network is keen to utilise this to upskill as many optometrists as possible and is looking to provide grants for optometrists to do IP and the [...]


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Nov 232015
I’ve been using Vitapos as an alternative to Lacrilube but have recently been told that it is also unavailable, anyone any other recommendations for overnight topical lubricant

IP Peer course

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May 112014
it was about this time last year that Adrian organised a fantastic day of lectures and peer discussion by IP for IP, any thoughts on another?
Apr 112014
Can i use this forum to advertise an opportunity for someone with an interest in glaucoma management. we run a community COAG -OHT clinic from one of my practices in Wollaton, Nottingham and are likjely to have an opportunity for an IP optom to do some follow up appointments probably  a acouple of days a [...]

Lac Sac wash

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Oct 252013
is it necessary to use separate cannula for R & L eyes when doing bilateral lac sac washouts. I admit that i have considered this much the same as tonometry in the cross infection risk status i use the same disposable probe for each eye, single use cannula, used for one patient – both eyes [...]
Jan 172013
I’ve just seen a Polish chap who has recently returned from a visit to his homeland where be had some bleeding in the eye (sounds like a sub-conj hge) for which he was prescribed  a LLoyds Pharmacy ointment under the trade name of POSORUTIN 50mg/ml, drug name is TROXERUTIN which the website describes as a capliary [...]