John Gurney

I am an IP Optom working in private practice nr Maidstone Kent. I run several clinics locally treating patients for both acute and chronic conditions. I have a contract looking after about 25 GP practices in my area for any eye conditions they require to be seen urgently ie uveitis,corneal ulcers,red eye etc


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Dec 182017
I tend to Rx a lot of oral NISAIDS for episceltritis usually naproxen or flurbiprofen,a college has suggested celebrex as has less GI upset as an alternative any thoughts ? ,and should we be given a PPI routinely with these drugs?        

Bit of advice

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Jan 192017
I have a chap who is obese and has floppy eyelid syndrome. He is awaiting oculoplastics surgery in 3-4 months. He is in constant discomfort due to OSD and trichasis despite loads of lube and me pulling out every lash, so in the meantime I have ordered a soft CL as a bandage my question – what drops [...]
Jun 232016
Good learning case Just seen my first case of Acanthamoeba Had interesting lady on Tuesday presented with pain increasing over 24hrs red eye, cells in AC and what looked like classic HSK ulcer in the left cornea I did not not treat with anti virals as Always remember never diagnose HSK in a CL wearer [...]

Iris cysts

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Mar 062016
Wonder if any of you bright sparks can enlighten me  seen quite a few of these in my glaucoma patients and I know is a side affect of latanoprost but wondered why it is only associated with this PGA  and what was the mechanism behind it ??
Feb 252016
hypothetical  thinking aloud- just a bit bored lots elderly px and glaucoma follow ups in patients with poor medical control any one ever been tempted  or have used a double combo ie  DuoTrav and Simbrinza my usual criteria is 3 agents 2 bottles as max