John Gurney

I am an IP Optom working in private practice nr Maidstone Kent. I run several clinics locally treating patients for both acute and chronic conditions. I have a contract looking after about 25 GP practices in my area for any eye conditions they require to be seen urgently ie uveitis,corneal ulcers,red eye etc

Any ideas

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Feb 242016
Posted this on Optom website,I know Ade suggested flap melt any one else care to add a DX TBH I still have no idea,post LASIK 3 years prev ,few cells,normal IOP other eye normal,lady mid 40s no GH issues just started to develop red eye 3/52 ago,mild redness,no real pain either VA 6/12 

Xailin gel

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Oct 302015
Due to supply problems with lacrilube have RXed this a couple of times this week as seems a good alternative ,  anyone else use this and do you find this as effective as Lacrilube

Cornea problems

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Sep 192015
Wonder if you have any ideas on this,the consultants don’t seem to know what is going on and even asked if I had any ideas very elderly lady mid eighties refereed to me by GP presented with a red right eye 4 weeks duration having had the usual range of antibiotics from them with no [...]

Lucky lady

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Jul 042015
  Intersting case lady 52 years old was in spain on hols last week and developed a painful left eye went to local hospital and was given tobradex qds,returned to UK two days ago saw GP no better and told could not  supply those so gave px chloramphenicol and referred her to me. large dendritic [...]


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Oct 082014
I have scope coming to demonstrate the Blephex instrument for the treatment of blepharitis in two weeks. I wonder if anyone here has used this ?  Have found it useful ? Or have any tips?    

Any ideas

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Jul 032014
I had a lady consult me today 30 years old ,Asian. is a medical doctor describes  5 day history of left eye redness at the puncta region redness gone with chloramphenicol but lump left  over lacrimal sac  and pain under left eye so thinking dacrocystitis she also tells me that when she takes the eye [...]
Jun 112014
Had two interesting cases one last month and one 2 weeks ago of corneal phylcten.both young girls aged 10 and 11 years.presentation unilateral red eye,watery and quite a lot of photophobia normal vision.both phylctens in 10 0clock region at the edge of limbus. treated with steroid and antibiotic,both treated by GPs with chloramphenicol for a [...]
Apr 262014
Just thought I would share this case with you on Tuesday had a chap who had several  high velocity FB  splinters from using a tile cutter with a diamond blade( no perforation I did check) about 5 particles some epithelial  some sub epithelial  all pretty central over the  right pupil gets out hyper dermic  and [...]

Punctal plugs

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Feb 232014
Many years ago I fitted punctal plugs.Im thinking of offering this service to some of my dry eye patients I would be grateful for any advice from practitioners fitting them on a regular basis.what is the best place to obtain the collagen temporary plugs and the silicon ones? I quite like the look of the [...]