My Welcome to the new year

My Welcome to the new year Just thought I’d share with you my first morning back in 2014 9am 75 year old lady c/o left red painful eye  with reduced vision for last 48hrs Exam revealed circumlimbal flush,uveitis ,fixed mid dilated pupil, IOPs  r16. L38 Gonio confirmed  acute angle closure glaucoma 2  young girl 25 … Continue reading "My Welcome to the new year"

Today My first case of Neurotrophic Keratitis as an IP Optom

Just would like  to know any thoughts and advice ,and wondered  what you would do, and if  you would do anything different. Saw an elderly lady whom was referred to me by her GP, for red eye not responding to chlro – for about 2 weeks.Poor vision due to previous CRVO (6/CF) Examination revealed large … Continue reading "Today My first case of Neurotrophic Keratitis as an IP Optom"

Nodular Epi-sceritis managment

  I have a chap whom I diagnosed with uniocular nodular epi-scleritis about 2 months ago,confimed with pharm testing I started him on 1/12 supply of  Pred-forte qds reducing by one drop per week. and fluroprofen 100mg  tds for 2 weeks   He stopped the treatment after the month and after 2 -3 days later condition flared up again The gentelman … Continue reading "Nodular Epi-sceritis managment"