John Gurney

I am an IP Optom working in private practice nr Maidstone Kent. I run several clinics locally treating patients for both acute and chronic conditions. I have a contract looking after about 25 GP practices in my area for any eye conditions they require to be seen urgently ie uveitis,corneal ulcers,red eye etc

Jan 022014
My Welcome to the new year Just thought I’d share with you my first morning back in 2014 9am 75 year old lady c/o left red painful eye  with reduced vision for last 48hrs Exam revealed circumlimbal flush,uveitis ,fixed mid dilated pupil, IOPs  r16. L38 Gonio confirmed  acute angle closure glaucoma 2  young girl 25 [...]

Corneal odema

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Jul 022013
An  elderly lady attended me 5 days ago with day old pain and visual loss in the left eye .Exam revealed sectorial corneal odema with endothelial folds and bullous 6/24 examintion of the other eye revealed EBM dystrophy ,no recent trauma ,surgery ,no sign of Fuchs. I treated with pred forte qds (in case [...]
Jan 312013
Help please any ideas aappreciated had a  Px 1  week ago with uveitis and quite severe posterier syncehiae gave cyclo 1 per cent tid and pred forte hr reducing to every 2 hr after 5 days. reviewd today uveitis much better but synechiae  still very evident,does any one have any advice how this can be [...]


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Aug 162012
Hi any thoughts Px seen today female had for 1-2 weeks,mild-moderate pain va normal iops normal, no cells,flare I am thinking Pyogenic Granuloma .Gave pred forte qds and reveiwing in one week
Aug 162012
Hi eveyone Any clinical pearls I wondered how you would go about treating a non hepetic viral conjuctivitis with punctace corneal erosions. I tend to rx ocular lubricants qds  and pred forte qds for the keratitis and reviw in 2/52  
Jul 242012
I saw this lady 2 weeks ago. age 52 referred to me due to keratitis.VA 6/36 in one eye only Dense SPK no ant chamber response.Severe blepharitis in both eyes,no real pain just discomfort.Mildly injected bulber conj,no discharge. so gave her lid scrubs,FML qds,Optive qds,Simple eye ointment bd and fusic acid bd to be rubed into lids. [...]
Jul 032012
  I have a chap whom I diagnosed with uniocular nodular epi-scleritis about 2 months ago,confimed with pharm testing I started him on 1/12 supply of  Pred-forte qds reducing by one drop per week. and fluroprofen 100mg  tds for 2 weeks   He stopped the treatment after the month and after 2 -3 days later condition flared up again The gentelman [...]