Unlicensed Vs Off-label

Following discussion at the weekend (AOP Therapeutics) about 0.01% Atropine, there was some debate about off-label – use for other than the licensed indication e.g Doxy for blepharitis, and unlicensed medicines which IP optoms cannot access. The general consensus was that 0.01% Atropine would be off-label since Atropine itself is licensed, however that appears not … Continue reading "Unlicensed Vs Off-label"


The College are looking for someone to present this: “We’re looking at some ideas for a clinical audit session within the IP stream at Optometry Tomorrow and I wondered if you had completed an IP outcome audit and did this demonstrate how you could improve anything in your practice?” Any takers contact: julie.hawkins@college-optometrists.org

Constant Vigilance

Learning Point for the day – stay vigilant.  65yowf on treatment for Ca breast now Docetaxel and previously 5Fluorouracil, Epirubicin, cyclophosphamide and docetaxel (FEC-T) c/o epiphora w/o dry eye Sx. O/e bil punctal stenosis. “Could this be related to my chemo ?” Probably not, but I’ll have a look – Oh! actually yes: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27429222

Speciality Registration

Just spoke to the GOC because I had not received IP Speciality Retention forms this year. They confirm they have not/are not sending them out this year, but do want it downloaded, completed and returned by the 15th ! Anyone not done this yet I propose you crack on and do so ! The form is here https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/registration-forms.cfm

Index of Suspicion of HS conjunctivitis

A couple of Px recently presented with dry eye symptoms but markedly worse one eye than the other that had been grumbling along for ages. The first 68yowf had a follicles on the lower palpebral conj and began to develop a linear epithelial stain that I thought was the start of a dendritic lesion so … Continue reading "Index of Suspicion of HS conjunctivitis"

Recalcitrant/recurrent conjunctivitis

64yowf presenting with a history of recurrent conjunctivitis over the past year. She has been variously prescibed Chlormaphenicol, brolene, Fusidic acid (allergic reaction) and no treatment. It has flared up again today with conj hyperaemia, no follicles, low BUT, no corneal involvement.  She has some seborrhoeic blepharitis and lid margin telangiectasia but it doesnt look … Continue reading "Recalcitrant/recurrent conjunctivitis"