Adrian Jones

Site issues

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Nov 062017
Apologies for those who couldn’t access the site, there were a few issues with some errant code that had crept in and it took me a while to sort it. I had to restore some files from a back up on the 3rd November, any edits, posts or comments since then my have been lost. [...]
May 312017
I have seen quite a few Px recently with severe ocular surface disease, usual stuff – raging blepharitis, corneas that light up like a Christmas tree with NaFl and VA down to 6/24 or worse.  They all respond well to lid hygiene, topical steroid and copious lubrication over about 3months. Had a diabetic chap in [...]
Jan 242017
Having a bit of a memory blank atm.  I need an alternative to FML which seem to be out of stock everywhere.  This is to treat blepharitis in a steroid responder so something with poor ocular penetration.  Was going to try Prdesol, any other suggestions?

Useful Links

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Jun 152016
Following on from Johns post on I thought it might be useful to have a page full of links people find clinically useful in their course of practice, I have added this as a tab on the navigation bar as you may have already noticed. Please fee free to add as you see [...]