recurrent chalazion & conjunctivitis

I have a 60yr old chap with learning disabilities.  He presented with a sticky, red eye and swollen upper lid which has waxed and waned for the last 6months.  He has been on chloramphenicol QDS for a week already with no improvement. There was a large chalazion in the top lid that looks like its … Continue reading "recurrent chalazion & conjunctivitis"

Glaucoma & lid margin disease

I would be grateful for everyone’s opinions on this just to make sure I am not way off base.  So here is the case scenario: 93yr old lady with bilateral NTG, pseduophakic, a bit of dry AMD, moderate lid margin disease with associated ocular surface disease. VA – RE 6/15; LE 6/12+ CCT ~ 500 … Continue reading "Glaucoma & lid margin disease"

Bandage CL in ocular surface disease

I have seen quite a few Px recently with severe ocular surface disease, usual stuff – raging blepharitis, corneas that light up like a Christmas tree with NaFl and VA down to 6/24 or worse.  They all respond well to lid hygiene, topical steroid and copious lubrication over about 3months. Had a diabetic chap in … Continue reading "Bandage CL in ocular surface disease"