Recurrent unilateral Anterior Uveitis

I have a lady with recurrent AAU in her left eye.  She manages about a fortnight after stopping the steroid before the next attack.  I am currently tapering her steroids really slowly, at present I think she’s using one drops per day for 2 weeks and then will go to alternate days.  I think she … Continue reading "Recurrent unilateral Anterior Uveitis"

Fusidic Acid Costs

I had this email from a non-IP optom recently who asked me to post here for opionions: I heard from a prescribing pharmacist the other day that the cost of fusidic acid eye drops increased from about £4 to £40 last year. I was wondering, if you use it much, what you’d replace it with? … Continue reading "Fusidic Acid Costs"

Advice on punctal plugs

Guys, I need some advice on punctal plugs.  I have a chap with moderate to marked dry eye following LASIK and then chemotherapy for leukaemia.  I have plugged him with Eagleplugs which improved his dry eye symptoms but resulted in irriation at the inner canthus.  Other than Smartplugs which I’m not in a rush to … Continue reading "Advice on punctal plugs"


Anybody used it yet?  If so what’s it like in terms of; IOP reduction side affects availability cost Finally I don’t get the end part of this statement: 1 mL of suspension contains 10 mg of brinzolamide and 2 mg of brimonidine tartrate equivalent to 1.3 mg of brimonidine. Thanks