Adrian Jones

Apr 012016
A few of my local GP colleagues are now giving lymecycline for rosacea, my feeling is that it’s not as effective as doxycycline but the side affect profile is better? What’s everyone else’s experience like and what dosage are you using?
Jan 252016
Guys, I need some advice on punctal plugs.  I have a chap with moderate to marked dry eye following LASIK and then chemotherapy for leukaemia.  I have plugged him with Eagleplugs which improved his dry eye symptoms but resulted in irriation at the inner canthus.  Other than Smartplugs which I’m not in a rush to [...]
Oct 262015
Had an 82 yr old lady with intermediate red lid for the least 3months She had an inflamed left lower canaliculus with puss expressed from the puncta.  She was otherwise feeling fine. I Rx’ed topical choramphnicol and faxed a referral to the local ocular plastics team but how many would manage this themeslves?


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Oct 032015
Had a frustrating day yesterday trying to get a Px seen with what I suspected was focal scleritis.  To cut a long story short, there was an issue about which HES dept was actually on-call and it transpired that there was a 4hr gap between the end of the one on-call session and the start [...]


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Jul 022015
Anybody used it yet?  If so what’s it like in terms of; IOP reduction side affects availability cost Finally I don’t get the end part of this statement: 1 mL of suspension contains 10 mg of brinzolamide and 2 mg of brimonidine tartrate equivalent to 1.3 mg of brimonidine. Thanks
Mar 022015
So following on from this post: The lady in question has had a little girl about 6weeks ago.  problem now is that she has gone back to her EW CLs and has a small corneal ulcer.  I don’t think it’s infected yet but there is certainly an epithelial defect. Normally I would reach for [...]