GOC IP renewal

There were some issues (I think 2 years ago?) where some IPs didn’t get the renewal form from the GOC. Hopefully you just got an email but if you didn’t you can complete the short online form here – https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/Renewing_your_registration/independent-prescribing-specialty-renewal.cfm Takes 2 minutes which is nice. (obviously you still have to complete the regular form … Continue reading "GOC IP renewal"

GOC IP renewal

A few folks missed the email last year – but if you remember you need to renew your regular GOC registration (you’ve got another month) and then separately complete the online form for IP registration. You can get the info here – https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/Renewing_your_registration/independent-prescribing-specialty-renewal.cfm

Recall for Lacri-Lube

http://www.optometry.co.uk/news-and-features/news/?article=7740 The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a recall notice for batches of Lacri-Lube eye ointment. The recall notice relates to 5g and 3.5g pack sizes, which manufacturer Allergan is recalling due to complaints of black particles on or around the nozzle of the tube. The particles are believed to be … Continue reading "Recall for Lacri-Lube"

MGD not responding to systemic – where next?

Like most of us I imagine I see a lot of MGD. Saw someone a few months ago where the main complaint was watery eyes and his lids were just congested – just low grade MGD. Lid hygiene, oc. CPHL bd and FML qds for 2/52 (then tapered) improved it drastically (so much so he … Continue reading "MGD not responding to systemic – where next?"

Aciclovir recall

This urgent notice was released by the MHRA yesterday http://www.mhra.gov.uk/home/groups/is-md/documents/drugalert/con471150.pdf They found metal particles in Aciclovir 3% ointment so have recalled it. It looks like there will not be much available for about 6/12. I can’t imagine many of us keep it in stock but we need to be aware so that there’s not a … Continue reading "Aciclovir recall"

What are you doing for demodex?

Just saw a patient who I’ve seen a few times over the years – blepharitis pretty under control with diligent lid hygiene but last year I wrote ?demodex in his records. Decided to have a good go today and I caught one! Got a good look at it through my slitlamp but couldn’t get a … Continue reading "What are you doing for demodex?"

Glare after HZO – corneal “deposits”

Been treating someone with shingles/HZO for the last couple of weeks. I’ll start at the beginning for info then I have a specific question. She initally presented with a red watery eye a few days after both her kids had red watery eyes. Looked like a simple viral conjunctivitis to me so gave her the … Continue reading "Glare after HZO – corneal “deposits”"

Do your prescriptions ever get queried?

Just curious. I thought this would happen more than it has. I qualified about 8/12 ago and have written a fair number of prescriptions – don’t have the number with me but it will be at least 150 – and this week was the first time a pharmacist has phoned to query – not the … Continue reading "Do your prescriptions ever get queried?"

thought you might want to see this one

Had a phone call from my aunt on Tuesday night saying that her friend had phoned her in a panic because she’d been glueing on her fingernails and managed to splash the glue in her eye. She’d phone NHS24 and they said to go to A&E but it would be a long time before she … Continue reading "thought you might want to see this one"