Narendra Vadher

Aug 042015
Hi All, Have a 16yr old young girl has had a persistent granulated ‘lumpy’ chalazion for 8 months and frequently flares up. GH-Fine, no Acne, no meds, nothing noteworthy. Already had course of topical a/biotics, oral a/biotics, maxitrol oint bd for 3/12. She regularly hot compresses every day and lid hygiene. Refuses to be referred [...]
Nov 142014
Hi All, Can anyone direct  me to any data, I can present to the Local CCG to convince them as IP’s we are most likely able to use appropriate drugs at the intial examination, rather than those given out by GP’s or Pharmacist. As cost is always on the CCG mind and drug budgets in [...]
Aug 162013
Had an interesting experience today in Eye Casualty. Patient-has chronic uveitis and secondary glaucoma- had Trab Op 4 days ago  -1 day follow up pressures down to 14 in the eye. Came in today -eye aching , redness++.  On examination -Corneal Oedema,  few bullae,  AC cells + , –pressure 38  !!!. Spoke to Glaucoma specialist – [...]
Aug 032013
Scratching my head, have a 46 yr old lady, LE Lower lid only -chemosis type swelling present for 8 weeks -GP has tried oral antihitamine and Sodium Cromo -qds for 2 weeks-cold compress- no improvement. Then GP prescribed Oral Augmentin – ‘just in case had insect bite’ and finished course.- no improvement. Px fed up [...]