Persistent Granulated Chalazion

Hi All, Have a 16yr old young girl has had a persistent granulated ‘lumpy’ chalazion for 8 months and frequently flares up. GH-Fine, no Acne, no meds, nothing noteworthy. Already had course of topical a/biotics, oral a/biotics, maxitrol oint bd for 3/12. She regularly hot compresses every day and lid hygiene. Refuses to be referred … Continue reading "Persistent Granulated Chalazion"

Mono -Lower Lid Chemosis

Scratching my head, have a 46 yr old lady, LE Lower lid only -chemosis type swelling present for 8 weeks -GP has tried oral antihitamine and Sodium Cromo -qds for 2 weeks-cold compress- no improvement. Then GP prescribed Oral Augmentin – ‘just in case had insect bite’ and finished course.- no improvement. Px fed up … Continue reading "Mono -Lower Lid Chemosis"