Nicholas Rumney

Jun 212015
Merck Agrees to $5.9M Settlement Over Off-Label Promotion of AzaSite  According to reports from Reuter’s and other news sources, U.S. authorities announced that Merck & Co Inc has agreed to pay $5.9 million to resolve claims that Inspire, formerly owned by Merck, fraudulently promoted AzaSite for uses not approved by the FDA.According to a federal [...]

GMC stance

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Apr 222015
Not sure if any of you have seen this. Just interesting re licensed vs non-licensed. This is the first time I have seen this reference to a Polish case as I thought the arbiter was actually down to indemnity (which as the NHS doesn’t insure (couldn’t afford it) may not be that relevant after all.


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Apr 162015
Just thinking; another tranche of IP last week and still only 129 users registered. Even fewer and less activity on College IP forum. Considering staying up to date with others Rx patterns is a competence this seems inadequate to me ? How do we publicise Adrian ?

BNF 69

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Mar 182015
I got an email to say BNF 69 was available. Great. Having been sent a BNF a few issues back when I first became IP (whoopee) I then didn’t get any more. When I asked, they’d delete me off the list. I went back on it but no 68’s left. So I waited. Now I [...]
Feb 022015  
Dec 062014
77 yo F. attends local EH case with lump on nose. was sore 48 hours maybe a month ago. Told nothing to worry about, it’ll go away, nothing can be done anyway……