Off Label costs

Merck Agrees to $5.9M Settlement Over Off-Label Promotion of AzaSite  According to reports from Reuter’s and other news sources, U.S. authorities announced that Merck & Co Inc has agreed to pay $5.9 million to resolve claims that Inspire, formerly owned by Merck, fraudulently promoted AzaSite for uses not approved by the FDA.According to a federal … Continue reading "Off Label costs"

Reaction to Glaucoma meds (or should junior doc’s be let loose?)

Patient last seen by me 05/2013. Post R trab, non responding to hypotensives and frank OSD. On duo therapy before trab. 05/2013 RE nice bleb, bit low IOP 6mm. Advancing n/s cataract but VA 6/12-1, no big rush to op as hypotony risk and other eye is 6/5 on (-4.00/-1.75×180). LE 28mm. [no glaucomatous discs, … Continue reading "Reaction to Glaucoma meds (or should junior doc’s be let loose?)"