Anterior Uveitis

Out of curiosity how many of you would treat AAU from start to finish? What drug(s) of choice would you use for Steroid, Cycloplegia and overnight? I have come across a article ( Review of Optometry 143:01Issue: 1/15/2006) which advises against 1% Cyclopentolate due to its poor control of posterior synechiae.  It suggests that Cycloplegia from atropine may … Continue reading "Anterior Uveitis"

Fenofibrate in diabetic retinopathy

A consultant recently suggested this drug should be offered in community practice to slow progression in both non proliferative and proliferative diabetic retinopathy. I have a very large patient base with diabetic retinopathy so was wondering how to go about recommending/ prescribing this drug. I understand it has been approved in Australia for this purpose. … Continue reading "Fenofibrate in diabetic retinopathy"

Viral conjunctivitis or AAU

30 something Asian male presents c/o red eye since yesterday, mild pain/discomfort, ache, slight photophobia, no watering, no blurred vision, no other symptoms. Signs on slit lamp Diffuse severe conjunctival hyperaemia (red not pink). Did not have any phenylephrine to hand. No KPs, no AC flare, pupil was round and no sign of synechiae anterior … Continue reading "Viral conjunctivitis or AAU"

Suspect Viral Conjunctivitis

Male 30 something presented today with acute pain/discomfort in his right eye, watery and slight photophobia. bilateral VA 6/5, although he was happier with left VA. Slit lamp exam with fluorescein reveals strong blink reflex in right eye, pink eye with possible mild ciliary flush? No corneal lesions. AC looked clear. Lid eversion revealed mild … Continue reading "Suspect Viral Conjunctivitis"

Suspect bilateral chlamydial conjunctivitis

Young lady presented today c/o bilateral gritty eyes with muco purulent discharge. Started January 18th. Slit lamp reveals bilateral oedematous eyelids and bilateral prominent follicles in the lower forniceal conjunctiva. Moderate corneal infiltrates. So I referred her to her GP for further investigation with a guarded diagnosis of chlamydial / bacterial conjunctivitis. I commenced her … Continue reading "Suspect bilateral chlamydial conjunctivitis"