Ross Henderson

I work in community practice. I am Optometric Adviser for NHS Tayside. I am interested in professional development and clinical research.

Nov 262016
This 77 year old farmer was noted to have an asymptomatic sub-conjunctival foreign body on routine eye examination in August 2016.    The gentleman is diabetic and has normal ocular health.   His medications are metformin, isosorbide, bisoprolol, lansoprazole, Aspirin, ramipril, glyceryl trinitrate and atorvastatin – none of which seem to cause deposits on anterior eye.   It hasn’t [...]
Nov 102016
Male Px had cataract operation left eye in August / 1 month ago complained since surgery has had feeling of discomfort left eye. He had some conjunctival redness grade 2 and reduced BUT.  He was given FML for use 4 x day left eye which didn’t help and he returned today with redness and headache over left [...]
Jun 092013
I have an elderly Px who has a cyst of Zeiss on her upper lid (outer can thus).  She would like it dealt with, which I am ‘happy’ to do but I have never dealt with one of these and wonder if there are any tips.  Adrian Bruce suggests that anaesthetic isn’t required but that [...]

Optive Plus

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Sep 102012
I have a CL wearing Px with marked MGD that has so far been unresponsive to treatment. I was wondering whether this new medication may be helpful.  I have been unable to find out whether it can be used with contact lenses -can anyone help?

Swollen lids

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Aug 242012
I have a px coming in tomorrow – 22 year old male.  He has recurrent swollen lids.  He had curretage at HES last year which has left some scar tissue.  He has been intolerant to Doxycycline when I prescribed this (gastric problems).  He has bilateral blepharitis – anterior mainly though he has excessive oily expression from [...]