finger nail corneal abrasion

A patient came after one week self medication from the pharmacy. I knew that the one thing that Chloramphenicol doesn’t work on is Pseudomonas. I gave her Ofloxacin loading dose two hourly two days, then qds. The infection has gone as she isn’t staining with fluorescein  but the corneal abrasion where her fingernail slipped is … Continue reading "finger nail corneal abrasion"

allergy to embedded eye make up

This 54 year old lady presented with cobble stone upper eyelids. I have given her olopatadine and loratadine. She tells me that the permanent make up injected in to her eyelids (a bit like tattoos)  will last for a year. It is unusual to have hay fever now and the only known allergy she has … Continue reading "allergy to embedded eye make up"

CET one IP point on Ocular Surface Disease

On Monday evening, 27th January Andrena McElvanney will be giving a lecture on challenging cases of Ocular Surface Disease. The BCLA scientific meeting is at One Drummond Gate, in Victoria, London. This is approved for one IP point. To register go to You are allowed to bring a friend so does anyone want to … Continue reading "CET one IP point on Ocular Surface Disease"

BUPA recognition

There are now 200 of us and BUPA recognises podiatrist, chiropractors osteopaths but not IP’s. Please can everyone phone BUPA for an  email application form to get us recognised as providers. This is a point of principal. We should be recognised. Their email address doesn’t work!  Telephone 0845 600 5220 Thanks , Susan Bowers