Feb 032018
430pm Friday Patient has small metallic FB in corneal epi. Check for 25g needles – none left! Went to friendly pharmacist who gave me a ‘needle exchange pack’. Contents: 25 g needle 2ml syringe Alcohol prep wipe Wee sharps box …and a wee sterile teespoon to stir your tea when you’re finished!
Dec 162017
My colleague has been dealing with have a chap who works in a decompression chamber for a month at a time. His normal rx is  R-2.00L-1.75 Once in the chamber for 28 days – his rx becomes 2 dioptres more minus. R-4.50 L-4.25 He has , as such 2 pairs of specs – one for [...]
Sep 262017
So I think my first case of a fungal keratitis.# 50 year old lady, CL wearer, red painful right eye. Lots of pain. Few odd “microdendrites”  to the cornea. Not much else to see other than the eye a bit red. Pain out of all proportion to signs.Was worried so sent to local HES. Feedback [...]

Casualty Clinics

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Apr 182017
Dear all I am about to start a new clinic within the hospital for acute cases. I was wondering if any Optoms are involved in something like this? If so, are there any recommended reading materials? Eg are you carrying out corneal scrapes? ordering blood work? Any comments/advise would be appreciated. thanks Irfan