? Posterior Scleritis

Interesting case today, px referred by GP with suspected HZV with facial pain and possible ocular involvement. Thankfully I asked for a medical report from the GP. I didnt know at the time but very complicated GH history but also treated in 2010 for posterior scleritis on reading the report. Px had completely forgotten but … Continue reading "? Posterior Scleritis"

herpetic uveitis

Some advice please If an elderly female patient get a granulomatous uveitis which you treat successfully, and then very soon afterwards she gets a HSK (epithelial involvement only) which you treat successfully; does that imply that the first uvetitis was herpetic; or was it just bad luck? To give a slightly fuller clinical picture the … Continue reading "herpetic uveitis"

Acanthameoba keratitis

Good learning case Just seen my first case of Acanthamoeba Had interesting lady on Tuesday presented with pain increasing over 24hrs red eye, cells in AC and what looked like classic HSK ulcer in the left cornea I did not not treat with anti virals as Always remember never diagnose HSK in a CL wearer … Continue reading "Acanthameoba keratitis"

HSK not responding to ganciclovir but does to oral aciclovir

Just asking for some help from those more pharmocologically minded than me. I have a lovely lady with her second bout of HSK. First one a year or two ago responded perfectly with a short course of gancilcovir eye ointment. Second bout a few weeks ago; no response with ganciclovir eye ointment at all. Not … Continue reading "HSK not responding to ganciclovir but does to oral aciclovir"

Why does this happen?

Diab px mid 50s presented with painful right eye (better Today) for last 3/7- amb eye but still 6/12. Iop 20 (no change) and g1 ac cells.  hx of DED, no cls/trauma etc Just wanted some comments on diagnosis/tx/management and pathophysiology.   Here some pics.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjhumn76h6jen22/photo%2007-12-2015%2011%2050%2028.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9nmiremd6khalr/photo%2007-12-2015%2011%2050%2021.jpg?dl=0   Irfan

Anterior Uveitis

Out of curiosity how many of you would treat AAU from start to finish? What drug(s) of choice would you use for Steroid, Cycloplegia and overnight? I have come across a article ( Review of Optometry 143:01Issue: 1/15/2006) which advises against 1% Cyclopentolate due to its poor control of posterior synechiae.  It suggests that Cycloplegia from atropine may … Continue reading "Anterior Uveitis"