The weirdest thing I ever saw!

When I worked in Barbados. Young man presents with 5 day history unilateral red eye with watery discharge. Sheep farmer, healthy, no POH, no atopy, no Hx trauma. Slit lamp exam looked like viral conjunctivitis UNTIL suddenly a little white ghost-shaped creature darted across my view…..and then another! Anaesthetic slowed the critters down so that … Continue reading "The weirdest thing I ever saw!"

VKC in a 5yr old

On Friday I saw a very sweet little 5 year old boy with irritable pink eyes, slightly photosensitive (not photphobic) which was not responsive to 3 weeks of topical antibiotics.  Fairly atopic with asthma, eczema and hayfever. VA was 6/9.5 in both eyes.  mild conj hyperaemia, mild inferior SPK on the left cornea, huge cobblestone … Continue reading "VKC in a 5yr old"

Suspect Viral Conjunctivitis

Male 30 something presented today with acute pain/discomfort in his right eye, watery and slight photophobia. bilateral VA 6/5, although he was happier with left VA. Slit lamp exam with fluorescein reveals strong blink reflex in right eye, pink eye with possible mild ciliary flush? No corneal lesions. AC looked clear. Lid eversion revealed mild … Continue reading "Suspect Viral Conjunctivitis"

Chronic follicular conjunctivitis

Could do with a hand – 65 yr old female.  c/o watery eyes for the 6-8 months ; she had a period for a few weeks where the symptoms were reduced but now they returned.  She has bilateral follicular conjunctivitis, eyes fairly white, watery discharge only.  Husband has no eye problems.  No topical eye drops … Continue reading "Chronic follicular conjunctivitis"

Angular conjunctivitis?

82 y/o female presents for recheck (sadly one of my own!) but straight away I notice the LE is red and the lids puffy at the lateral canthus. Px reports sudden onset ~48 hrs ago; FB sensation “feels gritty” and c/o white, mucousy/sticky discharge on waking. Self-presented to pharmacist who issued Truro Fenicol (?generic g. … Continue reading "Angular conjunctivitis?"

Contact lens papillary conjunctivitis

50 yr old female long-standing soft contact lens wearer (monthly replacement silicone hydrogel toric) presents with classic symptoms of CLPC – reduced lens tolerance, blurring vision towards end of day, mild itching & some discomfort LE>RE. Symptoms for past month to 6/52. Grade 1-1.5 CLPC RE and Grade 2.5 LE, mucus strands LE>RE, mucus deposits … Continue reading "Contact lens papillary conjunctivitis"

Suspect bilateral chlamydial conjunctivitis

Young lady presented today c/o bilateral gritty eyes with muco purulent discharge. Started January 18th. Slit lamp reveals bilateral oedematous eyelids and bilateral prominent follicles in the lower forniceal conjunctiva. Moderate corneal infiltrates. So I referred her to her GP for further investigation with a guarded diagnosis of chlamydial / bacterial conjunctivitis. I commenced her … Continue reading "Suspect bilateral chlamydial conjunctivitis"

Allergic conjunctivitis?

27 yr old female presents for first sight-test at request of GP. c/o persistent watery eyes since 27/12/2012 (very specific about date!). No discharge; in past few days eyes have become sore and red.  Px does not report itching. GP gave g. sodium cromoglicate but Px says this made symptoms worse so stopped.  No POH, … Continue reading "Allergic conjunctivitis?"