Espisclearitis in HSO

Seen someone today with history of Herpes Zoster and recurrent vesicle on nose, eye never been infected before. Presented today with pink conj eye and pins and needles feeling. Exam: Episcleritis view but no corneal involvement. Considered options for episcleritis but suggested Gancyclovir for week (not Acyclovir since product recall) with topical lubricants and then … Continue reading "Espisclearitis in HSO"

Eye whiteners for a child with recurrent episcleritis

I have a 10year old girl with Behcet’s that gets periodic bouts of episcleritis.  I manage her along with the local HES (depends on who can see her first).  Over the last few years she has tried all the regular treatments including topical steroid for sever episodes but we have found that the best treatment … Continue reading "Eye whiteners for a child with recurrent episcleritis"