Bandage CL in ocular surface disease

I have seen quite a few Px recently with severe ocular surface disease, usual stuff – raging blepharitis, corneas that light up like a Christmas tree with NaFl and VA down to 6/24 or worse.  They all respond well to lid hygiene, topical steroid and copious lubrication over about 3months. Had a diabetic chap in … Continue reading "Bandage CL in ocular surface disease"

Epithelial flap – corneal erosion

Just wanting some advice about a patient I saw today. Classic presentation of epithelial erosion this morning in 50 yo male. RE sore, red, swollen since waking – pain 6.5/10 on waking & now 2/10 (11am). External exam reveals watery red eye with swollen lids Slit lamp exam reveals 1.5mm x 1.5mm unilateral corneal erosion. … Continue reading "Epithelial flap – corneal erosion"

CLARE – part 2 – spot the difference!

Day 1 Entry level optom receives contact lens patient presenting with 1/7 Hx red/sore/photophobic right eye. EW contact lenses 28 days old. Removed once became red. VA – R6/6 L6/5 Slit lamp exam reveals Grade 2 BConj hyperaemia & 2 x 1mm areas of infiltrate at 2 oclock (overlapping to making a figure 8). Prov. … Continue reading "CLARE – part 2 – spot the difference!"

Contact lens associated red eye

Hi all Just wanted some reassurance that I had not over-reacted to this presentation. Would you have done anything different? __________________________________________________________ Day 1 Patient attends complaining of unilateral sore & red eye for 24 hours. Patient wears EW SiHy lenses. Had the lenses in for 7/7 when problems commenced. Symptoms intensified once lenses removed – … Continue reading "Contact lens associated red eye"

Herpes Simplex Keratitis in 8yr old boy

One of those days…CLPU, marginal keratitis, anterior uveitis and then… Saw an 8y/old boy mid-January whose mum reported a problem with his LE between Xmas & New Year 2014.  Seen by GPwSI (Ophthalmology) who diagnosed corneal abrasion and treated with usual stuff; only, neither mum nor child report any history of trauma – not poked … Continue reading "Herpes Simplex Keratitis in 8yr old boy"