May 312017
I have seen quite a few Px recently with severe ocular surface disease, usual stuff – raging blepharitis, corneas that light up like a Christmas tree with NaFl and VA down to 6/24 or worse.  They all respond well to lid hygiene, topical steroid and copious lubrication over about 3months. Had a diabetic chap in [...]

Red herring!

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May 082016
    Visit 1 52 year old female patient was sent over from another practice with a suspected recurrence of herpetic corneal ulcer. She had been diagnosed and treated at local hospital a year ago for first & only HSK. Symptoms were: Photophobia (8/10) Pain (5/10) – peri-ocular and some brow ache. No blurred vision, [...]
Feb 222016
Hi all Just wanted some reassurance that I had not over-reacted to this presentation. Would you have done anything different? __________________________________________________________ Day 1 Patient attends complaining of unilateral sore & red eye for 24 hours. Patient wears EW SiHy lenses. Had the lenses in for 7/7 when problems commenced. Symptoms intensified once lenses removed – [...]
May 142015
Treated this initially as a bacterial keratitis because of acute symptoms, week later , px symptoms better, however cornea know looks like filamentary keratitis, advised topical lubricants ongoing now but referred to corneal specialist for review.   What would other have done?
Mar 072015
One of those days…CLPU, marginal keratitis, anterior uveitis and then… Saw an 8y/old boy mid-January whose mum reported a problem with his LE between Xmas & New Year 2014.  Seen by GPwSI (Ophthalmology) who diagnosed corneal abrasion and treated with usual stuff; only, neither mum nor child report any history of trauma – not poked [...]