Dec 212014
50 year old healthy female, part-time contact lens wearer (dailies) Ended up referring this one as not got much experience with HZO Referral letter via NHS mail: ____________________________________________________________________ Please could you ask Dr Xxxx if he wouldn’t mind seeing this lady in his Xxxx clinic over the next month or so. Alternatively, if he could [...]


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Dec 162014
I  promised a colleague i would post this one to get a group consensus Just to help my learning and this lady please….The therapeutics forum will let me watch but not add !!This young lady was a CL wearer presented to Musgrove A&E about a month ago initially treated but NO SCRAPE. I didn’t see [...]
Oct 272014
On Friday I saw a very sweet little 5 year old boy with irritable pink eyes, slightly photosensitive (not photphobic) which was not responsive to 3 weeks of topical antibiotics.  Fairly atopic with asthma, eczema and hayfever. VA was 6/9.5 in both eyes.  mild conj hyperaemia, mild inferior SPK on the left cornea, huge cobblestone [...]
Oct 182014
27 yo. Female. First seen 2011 associated with sihy oasys. Diffuse surface keratitis. Treated with no lenses, FML, lube. Refitted 6/52 later acuvue2. Now returned no lenses in for three months. Va 20/20. Tear lab 290. Mild papillae response greasy year film but normal lipiview. Any ideas ? hmm.. how to upload images  


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Sep 132014
HI all   I managed to take a pic of HSK – When do folks add steroids? I’ve added at follow up providing the defect is healing but I know of consultants that provide predforte and acyclovir at the same time… Do you think this lesion requires the addition of steroid? Irfan


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Dec 252013
Interesting take. Patient yesterday with RE quiet a/c, non ulcerative limbal infiltrate and sector redness, no discharge or photophobia, present 48 hours, no lenses and patient reports improving. Not great as she is extended wear but took lenses out at first indication and immediately felt better (no increase in pain on lens removal). I started [...]
Nov 262013
A 22 y/o white male soft contact-lens wearer presented on 8th November with a 7-10/7 history of a sore,red, watery RE.  Px admitted to having slept overnight in his contact lenses 7-10/7 prior to this visit (he actually has documented history of non-compliant behaviour).  He’d consulted an out-of-hours GP service 3 days before seeing me [...]
Feb 022013
Thoughts please… Doing glaucoma clinic in rural community hospital.  83yr old lady, poor VA LE from ARMD, now CF but previously 3/60.  Px reports vaguley that VA LE seems worse over past 6 months. Hx of b/l trabs, b/l pseudophakia; Rx g. Xl on LE g. Az bd LE. Examination, LE lid oedema, LE diffuse [...]