Feb 072017
Just wondering what sort of intervals people use for this – though I realise it can be quite case specific. I’m currently favouring pulse duration 5 days  (2x250mg day 1, then 1x250mg for 4 days); if good response, repeat again in 3/52, then third repeat in 3/52 if resolution not satisfactory – so max 3 pulses [...]
Sep 132016
I have a patient who is troubled with psoriasis involving the scalp and especially the lid margins. It’s driving her crazy. She has been using Betnesol ointment (for 2 weeks) and viscotears for lubrication. It seems to flare up every 4-6 weeks. Does anyone have any other experience and treatment advice? Thanks

Infected lid

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Jul 262016
Young chap with a tender swollen lid for a week or so. Eyeball and bulbar conj white & clear, no staining, quiet AC. Nothing significant on eversion either so tarsal conj clear. Lid is a bit tender to touch and definitely puffy. Good VA, pupils & motility etc so not preseptal cellulitis. What systemic antibiotic [...]
May 052016
Just received an email from one of the prescribing leads to confirm that Eyebag is on the Scottish drug tariff at £10.  She advises that this can be prescribed by IP optometrists where there is clinical need. She suggests that ideally we should wait on this item being on the local formulary, however in her [...]
Nov 242015
Morning all!  Everyone managing dry eye will be frustrated by the mismatch between signs & symptoms. There seems to be a sub-group of patients where this is extreme. An unbiased observer would have no hesitation about classifying their anterior segment as normal and yet their symptoms are unremitting, even with optimum lubrication. Anyone else find [...]
Oct 132015
Just came across this view on youtube: https://youtu.be/sgav_kZ_Hi4 and the Ophthalmologist refers to using Ivermectin cream for treating Demodex blepharitis. Quick search on emedicines compendium shows that this is now available in UK, but its intended use is for the treatment of pustules due to rosacea? Anybody know anything about Ivermectin or know any Ophthalmologists [...]
Oct 052015
I have a patient who has a red, irritated outer canthus. The skin looks almost cracked on one side and on the other it has a slight mucous appearance. I have prescribed an antibiotic ointment, Polyfax which after 2 days is helping symptoms. But I’m wondering what other people may prescribe or other diff diagnoses [...]
Feb 022015
Dec 112014
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgav_kZ_Hi4 is interesting. I am trying to become a demodex beliver… The advocation is for 1% ivermectin cream to the lash base at night for one month after lid scrubbing but needs “specialist pharmacy compounding” – I have no idea how to get this – any thought? Better that the irritation caused by tea tree oil [...]