Infected chalazion / pre-septal cellulitis

Saturday at noon (we close at 12.30!) 54 yo lady walks in with obviously disfigured left eye. Sx – 24 history of sore, swollen left eye. finds it difficult to open eye. Pain is constant (severity 7/10) but intensifies on upgaze or when presses on eye. Feeling well – no flu-like Sx or fever. GH … Continue reading "Infected chalazion / pre-septal cellulitis"

Lower lid Infection – Child of 5

A cousin of mine shows me his 5 year old kids eyelid lump present now for ¬†3/12. The story goes like this… The couple saw nurse practitioner who gave drops (type unknown and was given within the first 2/52 of presentation, presumably chloramphenicol) and advised warm compresses. Seems sensible enough… Parent saw that there was … Continue reading "Lower lid Infection – Child of 5"

What are you doing for demodex?

Just saw a patient who I’ve seen a few times over the years – blepharitis pretty under control with diligent lid hygiene but last year I wrote ?demodex in his records. Decided to have a good go today and I caught one! Got a good look at it through my slitlamp but couldn’t get a … Continue reading "What are you doing for demodex?"

Weak topical steriod with ocular rosacea

I have a 42 year old with moderate rosacea. I have treated her with the usual hot compress & lid hygiene plus a 12week course of tetracycline. Her symptoms are much better but she still has significant blepharitis and and area of incipient marginal keratitis in the left eye. I was considering a short dose … Continue reading "Weak topical steriod with ocular rosacea"


Has anyone prescribed Doxycycline 100mg to prevent recurrence of chalazion? If yes then how long and dose? I haven’t yet prescribed oral doxycycline but I have a patient with recurrent of chalazion and I am considering it. He has moderate bilateral MGD. He has had one removed surgically but not keen on further surgical intervention.