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Oct 082014
I have scope coming to demonstrate the Blephex instrument for the treatment of blepharitis in two weeks. I wonder if anyone here has used this ?  Have found it useful ? Or have any tips?    
Oct 022014
Seems like Doxycyline has been superseded! The British Journal of Ophthalmology Oral Azithromycin Versus Doxycycline in Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: A Randomised Double Masked Open Label Clinical Trial Br J Ophthalmol 2014 Aug 19;[EPub Ahead of Print], MB Kashkouli, AJ Fazel, V Kiavash, M Nojomi, L Ghiasian  
Jul 232014
A cousin of mine shows me his 5 year old kids eyelid lump present now for  3/12. The story goes like this… The couple saw nurse practitioner who gave drops (type unknown and was given within the first 2/52 of presentation, presumably chloramphenicol) and advised warm compresses. Seems sensible enough… Parent saw that there was [...]
May 072014
Just saw a patient who I’ve seen a few times over the years – blepharitis pretty under control with diligent lid hygiene but last year I wrote ?demodex in his records. Decided to have a good go today and I caught one! Got a good look at it through my slitlamp but couldn’t get a [...]

Public lice

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Jan 042013
I depressing case today in A&E. 6 y/o girl presented with 3 week history of itchy eyes. Tx with chloramphenicol and fucithalmic by GP no help. Pubic lice seen on the eyelashes of both eyes. The lice were removed and sent to a lab for confirmation of Dx and the many eggs removed as well [...]
Aug 242012
Elderly lady (94y0) presents with an angry lower lid hordeolum pointing anteriorly and looking like a large pus filled zit. Too tender to compress. I opted for systemic antibiotics from GP but NHS CKS evidence says little evidence for orals in hordeolum. Thoughts please.  


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Aug 042012
Has anyone prescribed Doxycycline 100mg to prevent recurrence of chalazion? If yes then how long and dose? I haven’t yet prescribed oral doxycycline but I have a patient with recurrent of chalazion and I am considering it. He has moderate bilateral MGD. He has had one removed surgically but not keen on further surgical intervention.