Persistent Granulated Chalazion

Hi All, Have a 16yr old young girl has had a persistent granulated ‘lumpy’ chalazion for 8 months and frequently flares up. GH-Fine, no Acne, no meds, nothing noteworthy. Already had course of topical a/biotics, oral a/biotics, maxitrol oint bd for 3/12. She regularly hot compresses every day and lid hygiene. Refuses to be referred … Continue reading "Persistent Granulated Chalazion"

Pigmented tarsal plate lesion

I would be very grateful for opinions on this.  Story is 38yr old chap with a flair up of rosacea.  He has multiple meb gland cysts and very inflamed lid margins as you would expect.  He also has a lot of mucus in the left eye resulting intermittent blurred vision, this seemed trapped under the … Continue reading "Pigmented tarsal plate lesion"

Palpebral pepper puzzle

This 70 year old lady has seen me for the last 3 successive years and is entirely asymptomatic. She has fine ‘black pepper’ scattered evenly over the inferior and superior palebral conjunctiva. This seems to be becoming fainter with time – mind you this may well be my threshold for detecting abnormal has gone up! … Continue reading "Palpebral pepper puzzle"