Aug 042015
Hi All, Have a 16yr old young girl has had a persistent granulated ‘lumpy’ chalazion for 8 months and frequently flares up. GH-Fine, no Acne, no meds, nothing noteworthy. Already had course of topical a/biotics, oral a/biotics, maxitrol oint bd for 3/12. She regularly hot compresses every day and lid hygiene. Refuses to be referred [...]
Dec 062014
77 yo F. attends local EH case with lump on nose. was sore 48 hours maybe a month ago. Told nothing to worry about, it’ll go away, nothing can be done anyway……
Oct 192014
Hands up if you still have trouble telling between papillae & follicles. I do! Obviously, when it a clear cut diagnosis it is easy peasy! But in the majority of these reddish, ambiguously irritated eyes I’d prefer to write “Grade ? roughness of p.conj.” as I’m not sure – in fact, the harder I look [...]
Dec 202013
This 70 year old lady has seen me for the last 3 successive years and is entirely asymptomatic. She has fine ‘black pepper’ scattered evenly over the inferior and superior palebral conjunctiva. This seems to be becoming fainter with time – mind you this may well be my threshold for detecting abnormal has gone up! [...]
Jun 092013
I have an elderly Px who has a cyst of Zeiss on her upper lid (outer can thus).  She would like it dealt with, which I am ‘happy’ to do but I have never dealt with one of these and wonder if there are any tips.  Adrian Bruce suggests that anaesthetic isn’t required but that [...]