Pulsed oral azithromycin in mixed blepharitis – posology / regimen?

Just wondering what sort of intervals people use for this – though I realise it can be quite case specific. I’m currently favouring pulse duration 5 days  (2x250mg day 1, then 1x250mg for 4 days); if good response, repeat again in 3/52, then third repeat in 3/52 if resolution not satisfactory – so max 3 pulses … Continue reading "Pulsed oral azithromycin in mixed blepharitis – posology / regimen?"

This is NOT dry eye.

https://www.reviewofoptometry.com/article/this-is-not-dry-eye 48 year old female patient. Moderate myope c. -6.00. Lapsed lens wearer (illness). Referred by a colleague to local HES for intractable, mostly unilateral (L) dry eye symptoms. HES diagnosed OSD and recommended lid care and lube.   She attended 2 weeks ago for a review appt and the eyes looked absolutely fine apart … Continue reading "This is NOT dry eye."

What the….!

What the heck is going on here? What would you do? ___________________________________________ RFV – Routine eye exam with no symptoms Initial observation: Right eye slightly redder than left. Hx: 2010 Right successful cryobuckle procedure – RD prophylaxis in high myope with progressive retinoschisis (that’s what VitRet said). 2011 Right buckle removed after extruding out through … Continue reading "What the….!"

subconjunctival foreign body

This 77 year old farmer was noted to have an asymptomatic sub-conjunctival foreign body on routine eye examination in August 2016.    The gentleman is diabetic and has normal ocular health.   His medications are metformin, isosorbide, bisoprolol, lansoprazole, Aspirin, ramipril, glyceryl trinitrate and atorvastatin – none of which seem to cause deposits on anterior eye.   It hasn’t … Continue reading "subconjunctival foreign body"

Amniotic membrane graft for conjunctivochalasis

  Thought I would share this interesting case. 75 year old male with a 2 year history of worsening dry eye symptoms right eye. Nothing seemed be providing relief from the symptoms. Constant eye irritation was making patient unhappy as he was unable to read or do hobbies involving electrical projects. Slit lamp exam revealed: … Continue reading "Amniotic membrane graft for conjunctivochalasis"

Acute presentation

The following Px was seen by my non-IP colleague initially and Px returned next day for a second opinion. 60 year old female Px Symptoms: 2 day Hx red right eye. Slight FB sensation on blinking but no pain. No blurring, photophobia or discharge. POH: Occasional SCL usage. Wore day before symptoms started. PMH: Hypothyroidism … Continue reading "Acute presentation"