May 312017
58 year old lady. Just back from travels in Hong Kong. Whilst there, two weeks ago, diagnosed with right side facial shingles and given five days of oral aciclovir. Given topic “virupos” five times a day to right eye and was still taking this. VA 6/6 in each eye and pupils normal. R IOP 28mmHg [...]
May 112016
I am in the process of drawing up a protocol for a community uveitis scheme in Fife Scotland. Fife has a population of around 400, 000 so the simpler uveitis patients should easily be serviceable between 6 IP optoms without too much disturbance in our current patient flow. I have already had some great assistance [...]
May 112016
Just asking if anyone has any pearls for the following case; local GP comes to see me – acute arthropathy and glove and sock rash – assumed parvoviral arthropathy. Bilateral red ache to both eyes – moderate uveitis bilaterally – all looks anterior – no intermediate uveitis signs. No synechae – IOP OK. Popped him [...]
Jan 062015
60 yo healthy male Original HZ to left forehead, upper lid & side of nose (H+) 4 months ago Subsequent left kerato-uveitis treated with cyclone, Maxidex & oral aciclovir. Quiet for 2/12. Presented last week with straight forward 1+ cells – cornea quiet, IOP 12, posterior segment clear with vitreous involvement.. Not sure why, but [...]
Dec 042014
I have a lovely young lady (about 25 years old) with recurrent AAU. (Her brother is also a patient of mine with AS and recurrent AAU and her father has AS but no AAU). She comes in once or twice a year and I give her the usual mydrilate and predforte on taper and all is [...]
Aug 132014
Yesterday had patient consult me who has been on treatment for AAU for a month now, he was a particularly severe case which had been untreated for perhaps four weeks, but was concerned because Visual acuity was not getting better. His uncorrected VA was 6/24 which had been 6/6 in past. AC quiet, some pigment on [...]
Mar 012014
Just had a 68 year old chap in with a reoccurance of herpes simplex kerato-uveitis. His last episode was in August 2012. He has had previous bilateral LASIK. VA was 6/15 RE and 6/7.6 LE. Diffuse corneal oedema Small dendritic ulcer in lower nasal quadrant A mix of small stellite and larger KPs mainly under [...]