Aug 072013
65 year old lady saw me yesterday. One week ago when on holiday in Sweden she developed  a left eye uveitis. Unfortunately the right eye is amblyopic. She was given 30mg oral prednisone daily, “isoptoatropin” three times a day as a mydriatic and maxidex every two hours during the day. On examination the uveitis was [...]
Jan 312013
Help please any ideas aappreciated had a  Px 1  week ago with uveitis and quite severe posterier syncehiae gave cyclo 1 per cent tid and pred forte hr reducing to every 2 hr after 5 days. reviewd today uveitis much better but synechiae  still very evident,does any one have any advice how this can be [...]
Nov 192012
Really interesting case and a good example of why a slit lamp examination is always needed. 6 weeks ago a 66 yr old chap presents with symptoms of episodes of sudden and complete loss vision.  He had recently been Dx with a leaking heart valve and was in fairly bad state, consequently he couldn’t manage [...]
Sep 122012
Mr BP, a 56 year old male,  referred to me three weeks ago by his GP with a red watery right eye and a pain around the orbital area on the right side. On examination the periorbital area had the early signs of HZO and on ocular examination the right cornea showed a microdendritic appearance. VA was [...]