Dec 072017
I just wanted to let you know about Eyecare 2018 in Glasgow in January and the IP-approved CET sessions we have there. Over two days (21 and 22 January) we will be covering every GOC IP competency through various lectures and workshops. Highlights include an IP workshop with IP optom Malcolm McPherson and consultant ophthalmologist [...]
Sep 232017
Hi guys, Are any of you going to this weekends AOP therapeutic conference? I will be on Stand 4 with Pat Falvey of ARC optical, with his new meibographer. Pop by for a chinwag. It would be great to hear what you are all up to. A few of us who are staying over could [...]
Aug 242016
So an area in which I work is introducing MECS and I thought I have IP, shouldn’t need to do anything, beyond some Safeguarding CE. WRONG!!! I have now got to complete a WOPEC OSCE, because my IP, DipGlauc, OD, WOPEC referral refinement isn’t enough. So, what’s the point? Pencil pushers. I apologise, just needed [...]

Training Grant

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Nov 282015
Our Local Eye Health Newtork has identified a significant amount of money from a training grant (£90K) and earmarked this for optometry training, the Chair of the Eye Health Network is keen to utilise this to upskill as many optometrists as possible and is looking to provide grants for optometrists to do IP and the [...]
Oct 092015
Hi Probably not the right forum to post this, but likely to get best coverage. Just to advise all DipGlauc holders, those working towards DipGlauc and anyone with a general interest in glaucoma, the UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference is being held in my home city of Leicester this year.  The current Chairperson is [...]