Jul 192017
Just had 3 olopatadine scripts from last week bounce back – Pharmacy unable to obtain. Two independents and a small Boots branch. Anyone else having issues with availability? Thinking it might just be “regional”. Cheers.
May 182017
Prescribed 0.3% Ofloxacin for mild corneal abrasion caused by metal tweezers. After 1 day of using drops, Px felt very nauseous and tired. Ceased taking and used ‘Golden eye ointment’ on GP advice. Nausea cleared next day. On return  one week later, eye lesion cleared. Any thoughts on Ofloxacin eye  drops causing this systemic effect?- No previous [...]
Jan 292017
In our region, the NHS pharmacy team are getting a bit more militant about formulary compliance. The most relevant area of primary care prescribing for optoms is for ocular lubricants. We all supply or recommend (or even prescribe!) lubricants from time to time. The problem seems to occur when optoms supply the fancy bottle lubricants [...]
Jan 242017
Having a bit of a memory blank atm.  I need an alternative to FML which seem to be out of stock everywhere.  This is to treat blepharitis in a steroid responder so something with poor ocular penetration.  Was going to try Prdesol, any other suggestions?
Dec 032016
Hi All –  Just thought I’d pick your brains on when you deem it necessary to introduce Oc.Hypotensive tx if the pressures have gone up using steroids.  e.g.. prior to tx iops 13/14 and post tx 19/20  – does this require lowering?  I’m still grey in this area, but would appreciate anyones experiences. on the whole [...]

Ikervis recall

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Jun 072016
Just in case anyone has been using this, it is now the subject of a recall.   https://www.gov.uk/drug-device-alerts/ikervis-1-mg-ml-eye-drops-emulsion-ciclosporin-micro-particles-of-active-ingredient
Jun 062016
Apparently 5ml Predforte is unavailable. 10ml is still available but this expected to be depleted soon. Might be advisable to call pharmacist in advance to check as I did this morning – someone at IP Conference yesterday told me about this. Is there a generic version available or are we stuck with Maxidex for the [...]