Apr 012016
A few of my local GP colleagues are now giving lymecycline for rosacea, my feeling is that it’s not as effective as doxycycline but the side affect profile is better? What’s everyone else’s experience like and what dosage are you using?

Hydramed Night

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Mar 072016
In the spirit of cooperation, I thought I would share this product: Hydramed Night by Butterfly Pharma Seems to be almost the same as Vitapos Hope this does not lead to non-availability in the next week!!  


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Nov 232015
I’ve been using Vitapos as an alternative to Lacrilube but have recently been told that it is also unavailable, anyone any other recommendations for overnight topical lubricant

Xailin gel

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Oct 302015
Due to supply problems with lacrilube have RXed this a couple of times this week as seems a good alternative ,  anyone else use this and do you find this as effective as Lacrilube
Oct 192015
Does anyone have clinical data or experience on the efficacy of these antibacterials v chloramphenicol when treating eye infections. I increasingly prescribing Tobradex and Maxitrol as combination steroids rather than CHL plus  steroid. Any thoughts or feed back is appreciated.    
Sep 212015
http://www.optometry.co.uk/news-and-features/news/?article=7740 The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a recall notice for batches of Lacri-Lube eye ointment. The recall notice relates to 5g and 3.5g pack sizes, which manufacturer Allergan is recalling due to complaints of black particles on or around the nozzle of the tube. The particles are believed to be [...]
Jul 312015
Friday night brain freeze! Could someone help me here. Patient has longstanding FECD. Generally worsening VA but has been bothered with protracted hazy spells on waking over the last 6/12. I want to try him with 5% NaCl eye drops to see if this will improve his VA in mornings. 2 questions: * What to [...]