Trusopt Manufacturing Issue

Have a px under HES for glaucoma who has just been told by the pharmacy that there’s a supply issue with preservative-free Trusopt, and he’s about to run out. He’s currently on Saflutan and Preserve-free Trusopt as has had serious OSD issues in past with preservatives. There are no glaucoma bods in the eye clinic … Continue reading "Trusopt Manufacturing Issue"

Glaucoma & lid margin disease

I would be grateful for everyone’s opinions on this just to make sure I am not way off base.  So here is the case scenario: 93yr old lady with bilateral NTG, pseduophakic, a bit of dry AMD, moderate lid margin disease with associated ocular surface disease. VA – RE 6/15; LE 6/12+ CCT ~ 500 … Continue reading "Glaucoma & lid margin disease"

advice on narrow angle – post iridotomies

Some advice please from our glaucoma specialist colleagues. I have had a couple of patients now who had iridotomies 5-10 years ago – both prophylactically but present with pro-dromal symptoms (ache, intermittant blur), IOPs a little high (circa 25mmHg) and angle very narrow / almost closed  – I do OCT scans to document. Discs and … Continue reading "advice on narrow angle – post iridotomies"

Is this true?

This is taken from the SIGN guidelines: “Patients with an optic disc nerve fibre layer haemorrhage should be referred irrespective of other signs of glaucoma“. Does anyone feel that this statement is too strongly worded?… and should probably read: “Referral should be considered for patients with a disc haemorrhage, regardless of the presence of other … Continue reading "Is this true?"