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Sep 252014
Simbrinza – combination brinzolamide and brimonadine. Used twice a day Apparently to be given when you have a patients on a PGA but need better IOP  control and for that patient a Bblocker is contraindicated. preserved with BAK but the Alcon rep tells me this is at a low BAK concentration New out….


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Sep 252014
Perhaps this is a question that should be left unasked (is that a word?)… How come Tonosafe tonometer heads are compatible with GAT & PAT and yet the re-usable heads are different?

Fields Q

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Aug 142014
Hi I’m currently undergoing the Glaucoma diploma (the old version) and I have only got my viva for glaucoma B to do then I’m all done. I did not pass my viva on my last attempt. A question which got me umming and aaing and a reason I feel i did not pass was why [...]
Apr 132014
Would someone like to explain to John Sparrow (NCE CG85) ? evidence based medicine unless you just don’t like it…..Arora R, Bellamy H, Austin M. Applanation tonometry: a comparison of the Perkins handheld and Goldmann slit lamp-mounted methods. Clin Ophthalmol. 2014;8:605–10.
Apr 112014
Can i use this forum to advertise an opportunity for someone with an interest in glaucoma management. we run a community COAG -OHT clinic from one of my practices in Wollaton, Nottingham and are likjely to have an opportunity for an IP optom to do some follow up appointments probably  a acouple of days a [...]

Suspect nerves

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Apr 022014
Saw this Px yesterday whilst doing a Locum day. Just wondering what people opinions are, about the appearance and management, based on disc image alone. Will give it a couple of days and then let you a little more about the Px details and what I did.  
Jan 072014
Does anyone have any pearls in dealing with angle closure glaucoma in pseudophakia. Saw a nice chap yesterday; aged 70, bilaterally pseudophakic but the right eye has VA of CF because the cat op was complicated and he now has an AC IOL in that eye. In the other left eye (ie the only eye [...]