Jan 112018
There were some issues (I think 2 years ago?) where some IPs didn’t get the renewal form from the GOC. Hopefully you just got an email but if you didn’t you can complete the short online form here – https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/Renewing_your_registration/independent-prescribing-specialty-renewal.cfm Takes 2 minutes which is nice. (obviously you still have to complete the regular form [...]
Sep 272017
Following discussion at the weekend (AOP Therapeutics) about 0.01% Atropine, there was some debate about off-label – use for other than the licensed indication e.g Doxy for blepharitis, and unlicensed medicines which IP optoms cannot access. The general consensus was that 0.01% Atropine would be off-label since Atropine itself is licensed, however that appears not [...]
Aug 182017
Hi all,    Just wondered what methods people prefer for decontaminating Gonio lenses. Volk have their own ‘Cleaning and care guide’ for their lenses and suggest a few different methods, but the college guidance re. ‘The re-use-of contact lenses and ophthalmic devices’ suggests one method only – 1% sodium hypochlorite. I have just bought a Volk G-4 high [...]
Jul 182017
I dont think this is a clinical post, but it starts with a clinical story….   Pseudophakic chap, 50 yrs old with diagnosed OHT transferred to community care on Betoptic. Pre treatment IOPs 29mmHg discharged to community with steady IOPs at 16mmHg. On community review IOPs are 23mmHg VA 6/6 discs 0.2 and fields full [...]