Mar 092016
Just spoke to the GOC because I had not received IP Speciality Retention forms this year. They confirm they have not/are not sending them out this year, but do want it downloaded, completed and returned by the 15th ! Anyone not done this yet I propose you crack on and do so ! The form is here

GMC stance

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Apr 222015
Not sure if any of you have seen this. Just interesting re licensed vs non-licensed. This is the first time I have seen this reference to a Polish case as I thought the arbiter was actually down to indemnity (which as the NHS doesn’t insure (couldn’t afford it) may not be that relevant after all.
Jan 172015
Just a thought about a common source of uncertainty for IP optoms and with the Scottish IP Formulary due out soon it might be worth considering how this picture looks nationwide. Quite frequently patients are prescribed or supplied with ocular lubricants & subsequently request that the successful product (e.g. Systane) be added to their repeat [...]