GOC IP renewal

A few folks missed the email last year – but if you remember you need to renew your regular GOC registration (you’ve got another month) and then separately complete the online form for IP registration. You can get the info here – https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/Renewing_your_registration/independent-prescribing-specialty-renewal.cfm

What exactly does the IP qualification mean?

After the public ding-dong between the College president and a couple of enthusiastic IP optoms in community, I thought it might be interesting to see what others views are on the points raised. e.g. What does IP allow us to do? How do we define the limits of our competence? What happens if we do … Continue reading "What exactly does the IP qualification mean?"

cqc registration

Hi Guys, I seem to remember in the distant past several of you were discussing possible cqc registration. It looks like we will have to do it if I’m to start doing my intra-vitreal injections in our practices. Any of you done this and have any info you can share on how to avoid any … Continue reading "cqc registration"

Speciality Registration

Just spoke to the GOC because I had not received IP Speciality Retention forms this year. They confirm they have not/are not sending them out this year, but do want it downloaded, completed and returned by the 15th ! Anyone not done this yet I propose you crack on and do so ! The form is here https://www.optical.org/en/Registration/registration-forms.cfm

Fusidic Acid Costs

I had this email from a non-IP optom recently who asked me to post here for opionions: I heard from a prescribing pharmacist the other day that the cost of fusidic acid eye drops increased from about £4 to £40 last year. I was wondering, if you use it much, what you’d replace it with? … Continue reading "Fusidic Acid Costs"

CHI numbers on NHS pads

From speaking to the NHS prescription monitoring people, it seems that they are very keen to see CHI numbers on all GP10 OP (5) prescriptions. I must say, I wasn’t always doing this, but I’ve tried to comply over the last month or so!  This can be a bit time consuming as it involves logging … Continue reading "CHI numbers on NHS pads"