Oct 172014
A consultant recently suggested this drug should be offered in community practice to slow progression in both non proliferative and proliferative diabetic retinopathy. I have a very large patient base with diabetic retinopathy so was wondering how to go about recommending/ prescribing this drug. I understand it has been approved in Australia for this purpose. [...]
Nov 092013
Saw a 24y.o WM today for an annual, was referred last year 2′ suspect optic nerve appearance. Told by consultant could be monitored by Optom. Came in today, asymptomatic, his nerves appear the same as on last OCT, small, tilted, ill defined margins but with two nasal arcuate haems (parallel to disc margin). Colour vision was OK, [...]
Jun 132013
Has anyone had success with intra-vitreal injections yet? Lucentis may give us the way in for more sexy treatments such as ocriplasmin for VMT/mac hole. All very exciting now that NICE approval granted. Locally though no progress yet, though if a precident were set…., who knows. Exciting times.