Site issues

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Nov 062017
Apologies for those who couldn’t access the site, there were a few issues with some errant code that had crept in and it took me a while to sort it. I had to restore some files from a back up on the 3rd November, any edits, posts or comments since then my have been lost. [...]

Useful Links

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Jun 152016
Following on from Johns post on I thought it might be useful to have a page full of links people find clinically useful in their course of practice, I have added this as a tab on the navigation bar as you may have already noticed. Please fee free to add as you see [...]


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Apr 162015
Just thinking; another tranche of IP last week and still only 129 users registered. Even fewer and less activity on College IP forum. Considering staying up to date with others Rx patterns is a competence this seems inadequate to me ? How do we publicise Adrian ?
Jul 022013
So this site has been up for a year!  I think it is proving to be a fairly useful tool for everyone, and I would like to thank everyone for their valuable contribution –  I have learnt a lot from the the posts and comments from here. I have not yet followed anything up further [...]


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Jul 032012

Thanks for having a look at this site, as you can see it is a blank canvas and has a lot of potential.

Please feel free to start posting and commenting, please send me any suggestions or changes you would like to see to the site.


Jul 032012

I notice that quiet a few users are browsing on mobile devices.  Luckily there is a mobile version of Therapeutic Optometry available for use on smartphones and tablets.

The site is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices.  You can do almost everything that is available on the full desktop site, including publishing a new post or comment directly from your smart phone.

On your first visit you will see the normal page appearance, if you scroll to the bottom there is a switch to enable the mobile view.

For easy access to the site just scan the following QR code with your phone:


If you find the switch is not displayed at the bottom of the page please post a comment with your device and browser version.