Referral – around Kensington, London area

Any of you fine ladies or gentlemen work near/around Kensington? A colleague of mine from Canada has a patient coming to study here and she has a history of recurrent uveitis. He is looking for someone manage her whilst here, so would need to be comfortable managing.  Please let me know if you know someone. … Continue reading "Referral – around Kensington, London area"


The College are looking for someone to present this: “We’re looking at some ideas for a clinical audit session within the IP stream at Optometry Tomorrow and I wondered if you had completed an IP outcome audit and did this demonstrate how you could improve anything in your practice?” Any takers contact:

Optoms in/near Dursley, Gloucestershire

Hi everyone Probably not the right forum to request this, but I have a Px who has a friend who lives in/near Dursley, Gloucs, who is looing for a good, no GREAT, Optom!  She’s elderly (80yrs+) and has a Hx of CVA.  Not being familiar with the area, I don’t know who to recommend.  Any … Continue reading "Optoms in/near Dursley, Gloucestershire"