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Nov 232017
I have a lovely lady who has glaucoma and is young for this diagnosis (born 1979) She fasts for religious observance When she fasts she feels unable to take her latanoprost eye drops. Since fasting this year (end of may to end of june) she “got out of the habit” of putting her drops in [...]


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Sep 292017
Not sure if this is appropriate, but I thought if anyone would know, you guys would. Does anyone have any leads on A-scan measuring devices. Happy to consider second hand. Looking at it for Axial length measurements in kids….


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Aug 222017
Interesting piece in The Optician this week raising the issue of optometrists being entitled to use the courtesy title “Dr” just as dentists and vets do. Is there any appetite for this amongst IP optoms particularly ? It would seem a good place to start a campaign, perhaps restricted to IP optoms to help differentiate [...]


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Oct 142016
The College are looking for someone to present this: “We’re looking at some ideas for a clinical audit session within the IP stream at Optometry Tomorrow and I wondered if you had completed an IP outcome audit and did this demonstrate how you could improve anything in your practice?” Any takers contact:
Apr 232016
Hi all Im not sure if this a concern (or a growing one) but is anyone else finding ophthalmic nurses taking more of a lead in eyecare for roles im sure we would rather be involved in?  I have recently looked into such roles being carried out by nurses in ophthalmology in my area and [...]