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Feb 152016
On completing my IP/GOC retention there is now a prompt about a written log. How are people doing this? Are they? In private practice to too much of an issue, but glaucoma clinic with 25patients, it is a little annoying to have to make a log?  Just curious what you guys are doing, especially the [...]
Dec 212015
Hi I have recently acquired a topcon nw6s fundus camera with a nikon d1x camera – (its an old camera) However I am after compatible software. Anyone have any ideas what I can use. Thanks


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Aug 032015
hi   is there anyway of accessing bnf from mobile? If your a member of the college does that help?    Irfan

Lucky lady

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Jul 042015
  Intersting case lady 52 years old was in spain on hols last week and developed a painful left eye went to local hospital and was given tobradex qds,returned to UK two days ago saw GP no better and told could not  supply those so gave px chloramphenicol and referred her to me. large dendritic [...]